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About Me


Hi There!

It's been a long time since I did much writing.  But I'm back!

I've been writing since I was 4, and drinking gin since I was 18.  I figured after 48 years of writing and 34 years of drinking maybe the twain should meet.  

In my family old fashioned gin was a drink of choice and I grew up with juniper scented kisses and the smell of traditional gin in my nose.  Perhaps for that reason I always liked gin.  From my earliest tase of it to today.  I grew up drinking traditional gin, my favorites being in the Tanqueray family.  

Now I'm not by any means a heavy drinker, in fact I disapprove of drinking to excess but those were lessons learned, as mistakes are the only thing you can truly call your own.  That doesn't stop me from enjoying a drink or two every few days.  But gin is something for days when I'm not driving.  I would hope all my readers feel the same way.

That said I can walk home from my local pub should I decide to imbibe during a night playing at dart league.  But that's ok my local doesn't have a great gin selection anyway. 

and when I'm not drinking gin, or working,  tend to spend my time fishing, reading and playing online Scrabble (BTW the new scrabble app sucks).  I also love to cook, brew beer, and consider myself quite a bit of a foodie.

Happily I've done more than drink and write over those last years and I have developed a thriving business, not at all connected to alcohol.   I live with my wife, daughter and a cat. 

My tastes in other alcohols tend to lean towards whiskey, beer, and absinthe.  

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